Why the Cavaliers Shouldn't Trade Andrew Wiggins

By Roy Vlcek on Thursday, July 24 2014

Michael Jordan was once lost in Chicago, known only for his scoring exploits and criticized for his failure to win the ultimate trophy. Then a young, untested athlete was drafted by the Bulls. That draft pick was criticized because it depended on the player's eventual upside rather than his ability to help Jordan win right away. You know what happened: Jordan and Scottie Pippen become the winningest duo of all time.

Fast forward to today. Cleveland just signed the 2014 #1 pick Andrew Wiggins, locking him in as a Cav for 30 days, despite speculation that Wiggins would be sent to Minnesota for power forward and double-double machine Kevin Love. Here's why the Cavs shouldn't trade Wiggins for Love even once the 30-day window expires:


When Pippen arrived in Chicago, Jordan took him under his wing. Through the competition and camaraderie they fostered in their one-on-one training sessions, Pippen and Jordan developed an unbreakable bond that only two incredible athletes and motivated individuals could build. Need another championship alpha male mentoring relationship? Kobe and Shaq (while it lasted). Wiggins could become the prince to LeBron's NBA dynasty and make sure Cleveland has a strong foundation even when King James retires. 

Crazy fast breaks 

Everyone knows Wiggins is raw. But everyone should also know that he will immediately be one of the best athletes in the league. Imagine the alley-oops that LeBron and Wiggins could manufacture! Imagine a three-on-one scenario with Kyrie Irving leading the break and LeBron and Wiggins thundering down the wings. Basketball euphoria.


Love is not a defensive player, but Wiggins could become an elite defender immediately. LeBron, who is slowly slipping defensively, needs help when an elite perimeter scorer comes to town. 

How good can LeBron be?

LeBron has never averaged more than nine rebounds or nine assists in a game. If you put him in another scenario where two other players must control the ball, we may never see his true statistical versatility come to fruition. If this Cavs team becomes great without Love, it will be because LeBron elevates his rebounding numbers and plays a Magic Johnson-type role. 

Photo source: Getty Images